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Warehousing Services

Transcontinental  CFS LLC Services  is a licensed Container Freight Station (CFS) operator in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.  A Container Freight Station is a bonded warehouse location where ocean freight can be loaded, unloaded and consolidated. It can also be used if designated by ocean carriers for devanning or container cargo. 


Our CFS Operations allow us to manage both consolidated and full container load shipments for both import and export cargo, from storing container movements in our bonded secured warehouse, to consolidating and transloading your shipment to any destination worldwide. Due to the recent heightened security and more frequent examinations of cargo, it is also convenient that U.S. Customs exams can be done on sight in our CFS.


Whether full container or less than container services, our Container Freight Station operations provide full tracking, immediate notification and necessary Customs document preparation of your shipment.

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